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Green Computing

Efficiency & Energy Savings

As data centers have changed so has the energy required to power and cool. Being "Green" and reducing your carbon footprint is not only a good thing to do it’s the necessary thing to do.

Energy isn't the only efficiency businesses need from computing environments. Improving workflow to streamline access to data and provide information when and where it is needed becomes more difficult as data volume grows. Improving the way your storage infrastructure provides access to data can deliver beneficial cost savings.

LNL Group Professional Services has performed audits and assessments enabling us to recommend refinements and modifications to existing data centers. We've not only helped companies save huge dollar amounts in energy expense, but enabled them to increase their processing power and the lifespan of hardware through more efficient operations.

We've developed targeted Assessment Services to help you take advantage of the most efficient methods for improving and optimizing their HPC environments.

  • Dense Systems Assessment helps assess, install and maintain the high density servers and storage utilized in data centers with techniques to power and cool more efficiently.
  • Storage Assessment begins by giving an accurate snapshot of existing capabilities and develops a road map of best-practice industry recommendations to keep you efficiently meeting user needs with business applications.
  • Energy Efficiency Assessment is your ticket to comprehensive insights about how your current environment is consuming energy and recommendations for improved efficiency.
  • Power Distribution Audit shows how to manage your computing environment for optimal efficiency in delivering computing power, avoiding the disruptions caused by voltage sags, harmonics, poor surge protection ... and more.
  • Modular Data Centers: A data center in a box to solve space or power issues and deliver the capacity you need.
  • Data Center Consulting: Assessing your data center environment and providing recommendations for enhancements or improvements.

Do you experience any of the following situations?

  • You purchased new racks of high density storage but aren't sure of the best location in your data center or your options for best energy efficiency in powering them.
  • You've decided to relocate your data center, but the space wasn't designed to accommodate the power and cooling needs of your equipment.
  • Your utility company says your power use is greatly imbalanced and needs to be corrected.
  • Your data growth has escalated, you can't get rid of it, but providing equal access for older, less-used data is costly and you want to increase efficiencies in how your information is accessed, used and managed.